What we at UtilityCap do:

Intelligent Metering Australia (IMA) is an innovative company that helps organisations achieve maximum energy and resource efficiencies leading to lower costs and greenhouse gas emissions hence providing better value to our customers.

Business Style:

To be innovative by providing proven value-added technologies that enable organisations to be energy efficient corporate citizens by harnessing utility costs, greenhouse gas emissions and cost allocation according to optimal usage.

Intelligent Metering Australia delivers a better model of metering and measurement business solutions by taking the hassle out of labour intensive operations using smart technologies with remote management capabilities.

This embraces the "new" economic realities where flexibility, cloud based services, social media, webinars, on-line meetings, outsourcing, diverse cultures and virtual locations are the business norm.

This model, together with a transformation of data into knowledge enables Intelligent Metering Australia to add value to client businesses through two critical areas:

Value - Return on Investments

  • Show a return on investment and assist clients with containing their ever growing energy and utility budgets.

Value - Organisational behaviour

  • Assist clients at all levels with the capability to reduce waste, effective usage of commodities and environmental management.



Intelligent Metering Australia has strategic partnerships with several firms to deliver our customer success.

We have matched our core competencies with some market leaders to deliver effective business solutions and the key ones are:

  • EnergyCap Logo
    EnergyCAP - develops and supplies energy management software to help organisations get value from utility bills. Over 30 years, more than 10,000 energy managers in 3,000 organisations have tracked $25 billion in energy spending using their software. www.energycap.com
  • EnergyCap Logo
    Taggle Systems - founded in 2008 by a team of Australian wireless specialists to provide a cost effective long range wireless system for monitoring large numbers of remote devices in real time. www.taggle.com.au

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