If you don't measure it, you can't manage it!

At Intelligent Metering Australia we are committed to helping our customers achieve maximum energy and resource efficiencies which inevitably lead to lower costs, greenhouse gas emissions and better value.

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Negotiating lower energy rates is not the only solution; in fact we have the tools to guarantee a head start in getting the best value and rate from your energy vendor.

We can assist in finding ways to lower "usage". Once the obvious "energy intensive culprits" have been identified then what is next? The next step is collecting and analysing information and then transforming this into useful business knowledge!

Intelligent Metering Australia uses tools such as EnergyCAP to collect and collate "information", and then to convert this into "knowledge"! This knowledge becomes a powerful tool to an organisation, in not just meticulously measuring energy and resource consumption, but enabling it to convert knowledge into business capital and value.

A great deal of knowledge can be obtained from EnergyCAP including your utility and other energy related bills. Energy bills can be complex as they use pricing terms that have highly technical computations that some people may not be familiar with, EnergyCAP helps decipher these.

EnergyCAP can roll-up all the different types of energy use such as electricity, natural gas, petrol, diesel, waste and kilometres flown/driven into a single equivalent measurement, i.e. eKWH.

This information is critical in determining energy intensity, energy-type cost comparisons and benchmarking at all levels of your organisation.

Other sources of information such as interval data and sub-metering can also be incorporated into EnergyCAP.

Intelligent Metering Australia can help your organisation to extract, analyse and transform metering information into business knowledge and value.

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For further information on EnergyCAP please visit www.energycap.com

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