Once you measure it, you need to manage it!

Intellgent Metering Australia partners with the best in the businss to provide real time reporting of your energy consumption.

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Switch Automation

Switch understands that being truly green means understanding exactly how, when and where your building uses energy and we understand that getting such detailed information can be difficult. Our unique solutions for buildings give everyone a stake in energy savings – from developers and building managers to tenants, employees and visitors. And with all stakeholders involved in creating a greener building, the benefits accrue faster. No other platform provides such a detailed level of information, enabling accurate reporting of energy use by time, date and down to the individual room or device.

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Energy Cap

EnergyCAP is the result of over thirty years of development experience providing industry leading utility bill and energy efficiency software to government, education, and business organizations. EnergyCAP’s many innovative features provide powerful ways to save. EnergyCAP is flexible and allows you to customize your software license to fit your precise needs.

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Taggle's network offers two major areas of use. The first is data acquisition where small amounts of data can be collected from a very large number of sensors across a wide geographical area. The second is the location of objects within the area covered by the network.

Data can be collected form all sorts of sensors and devices. Examples include domestic water, gas and electricity meters, flow meters, rain gauges, soil moisture sensors, gates, doors, temperature and pressure sensors, level switches and many more. These data feeds, which can be formatted to individual requirements, can be sent to be used by the client.

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