About metering:

Metering systems generally involve data collection, and data services. Intelligent Metering Australia utilises two products, one is an automatic meter reading (AMR) system for collecting data and the other is an energy performance management system for data analysis and reporting.

The AMR metering system is from our technology partner, Taggle Systems Ltd and it employs advanced technology and low cost network infrastructure. The data services including utility billing are managed through the EnergyCAP from our software partner, EnergyCAP Inc.

Another key component of metering is sub-metering which may be required for electricity, gas and water re-billing, usage and cost allocation.

Sub-metering can also track resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in order to safeguard the environment or comply with legislative requirements due to climate change, resource shortages and increasing costs. For more information see: www.taggle.com.au

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