Want to meter your electricity and water consumption accurately:

Intelligent Metering Australia (IMA) is an innovative company that helps organisations achieve maximum energy and resource efficiencies leading to lower costs and greenhouse gas emissions hence providing better value to our customers.

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Energy Management

Intelligent Metering Australia uses tools such as Switch Automation and EnergyCAP to collect and collate "information", and then to convert this into "knowledge"!

This knowledge becomes a powerful tool to an organisation, in not just meticulously measuring energy and resource consumption, but enabling it to convert knowledge into business capital and value.

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Intelligent Metering Australia provides expertise from solution planning to implementation and ongoing support to ensure the best service and business outcomes.

We help you navigate energy management, auditing, analysis and benchmarking of your systems.

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Metering systems generally involve data collection, and data services.

Intelligent Metering Australia utilises two products, one is an automatic meter reading (AMR) system for collecting data and the other is an energy performance management system for data analysis and reporting.

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